How to get hired within 3 mois !


GET the JOB est un programme de 7 sessions pour aider les cadres qui sont en recherche d’emploi à get hired in less than 3 month through my SONAR method. Cette méthode est basée sur les enseignements de la PNL, the negociation, the psychology of the relationship, le marketing de réseau et la recommandation d’affaires et validated by DHRH and recruiters.


Pour trouver un job il y a des techniques qui marchent et des autres qui te font perdre ton temps, ton énergie et ta confiance! Après avoir coaché de dizaines personnes je me suis rendue compte que les techniques les plus efficaces sont généralement méconnues ou accessibles qu’au top management.


J’ai décidé de sélectionner ce qui a le mieux marché pour mes clients et le condenser pour toi dans ce programme. Pour que tu évolues, spend your energy usefully and learn techniques that will help you for this job but also for the following ones !


I've been doing this program since ” years for alumni of grandes écoles and since March I opened it to everyone, with great success. The results are extraordinary because 80% participants were hired on permanent contracts on average 3 mois (even for the long-term unemployed).

To better understand your need, explain to you in detail the program and my working method, I suggest you exchange by phone.

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“In search of energy, motivations, and new solutions for your job search ? Go for it ! Claudia will bring it all to you. Get the Job also means finding your place, its value and not feel guilty. A mix of techniques, of sharing and kindness, to find yourself and your new job »

Olivia, training officer, 20 ans d’expérience

« I was lucky to participate in the GetTheJob program offered by Claudia. A simple and very effective methodology. I found a job before the end of the program. But above all, for those who doubt prevents them from advancing, an incredible energy which very clearly gives wings. If you want to be accompanied in this process, don't think : Just call her ! »

Terence, Business Development Director, 18 ans d’expérience

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